Do you you hold onto your costume jewelry?

I’ve taken up Poshmark and am going through my stuff. I’ve put back jewelry I haven’t worn in awhile. A couple big statement necklaces that cost a lot and I love. But I wonder if it’s time for someone else to love them. Do you hold on to your stuff waiting for it to come back in fashion (it always seems to), or do you resell or give away?

BTW, if you like to Poshmark, send me a PM and if I “know” you already from here, I’ll give you my posh name to preview my closet. I’m just seriously getting started. I know I need to do Instagram, but one thing at a time.

I don’t keep costume jewelry that is old hoping it will come back. I donate it.

Most of my costume jewelry is stuff I wore back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. When I actually bother to look at it, I ask my daughter if she wants any of it. If she doesn’t, I forget about it for years until eventually I throw it out. If any of it was worth giving away, I would.

I like most of my jewelry, which is primarily comprised of earrings. I’ve been wearing the same things for decades.

Years ago I gave my mom’s stuff to a program for severely disabled youth and adults. The program is both residential and day treatment. Art supplies were also appreciated.

(Too bad these kind of programs are closed now.)

Never bought costume jewelry. I only have gifts or hand-me-downs, so much has sentimental value. Makes it tough to donate.

I just want to say @conmama that I love that you are doing the Poshmark route. I think this is something you would really love and be interested in! An Instagram account would also be a good idea! - if you get one share let us know!

Re: costume jewelry, I am not a big jewelry person but I clean out of stuff every year or so. I really am down to the basics.

I have a ton of costume (and real) jewelry that has either been given to me, or given to me, and it keeps growing. I don’t wear any of it, nut I don’t have the heart to part with it either. Maybe it’s time to be ruthless!

I didn’t know that jewelry of any type ever went out of style, but I’m very picky about jewelry, even costume jewelry. I’m not one for buying pieces just to complete an outfit, so my jewelry drawer is lean and highly curated. I don’t ever clean it out because there isn’t anything in there I don’t love or wear even if only occasionally. Most of my pieces are gifts from DH’s (business) travels or anniversary/Christmas presents. He knows what I like and is very generous. The collection will pass to our son eventually, and he can decide what to do with it.

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I am also picky about jewelry and regularly wear what I have (other than a couple of sentimental things I saved from childhood). The only costume jewelry I have are a few holiday themed pieces (ex. a snowflake pin, a Halloween pin) which I take out once or twice each year during the appropriate season.

True confession - I have a drawer with several pieces of “junk jewelry” my step-daughter has given me.
She seems to like to buy it for me, and I don’t wear much, so it just piles up. I have indicated I don’t wear much, and tried to give her other subtle (and not so subtle) hints, but so far it hasn’t worked.
One day maybe I will share and we will laugh about it.
For now it just goes in the drawer. Maybe I should give it away or regift it.

I have rarely – if ever – bought costume jewelry for myself. But I have a ton – and I do mean a ton – of stuff that was my mother’s. Every once in a while (translation: about every five years) I’ll wear a piece that goes Just Right with some outfit, but for the most part it just sits in my jewelry box. My strong preference is, when I wear jewelry, to wear The Good Stuff.

I bought a bunch of 3m sticky hooks (the little ones) when lockdown began, and made a mural type decoration for the inside of my closet using “statement” necklaces, costume pearl ropes, clay necklaces my kids made me back in summer camp, etc. So I’ve got things that belonged to my grandmothers, mom, MIL, aunts, plus a lot of reasonably ugly stuff given to me by other people. And it looks wonderful and I look forward to opening the closet door every morning! I added a couple of evening purses (those very Dynasty looking beaded ones which were big in the 80’s and before that, the 40’s) and it makes me happy that stuff I might never wear (or never have worn) has a home and looks so festive all hung up on the wall.

Just a thought if you find there are some things you can’t bear to give away or sell!!!


My mom had a ton of actually nicer costume jewelry. I was interested in keeping maybe two pieces. My daughter wanted a few other pieces (vintage rhinestones…in very pretty settings). We donated the rest to a charity thrift shop.

@blossom I had those purses also. One by one they were given to friends of my kids who wanted the either for weddings or proms. I was glad to see them being used.

I love your idea…but I can picture my cat scaling the display for fun!