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<p>Hey Doc,</p>

<p>I thought I would label this thread as such so that there are not a billion threads containing all of the questions for you. I hope this is alright.</p>

<p>In other news...</p>

<p>Tomorrow I will be sending out the last of the STUFF (ie, letters of recommendation, replies to academies, applications for senators) for the AFA, Naval Academy, my congressman, and 2 senators. Finally, I can just exhale and put some of the workload onto the people making the decisions. I read what you responded to the person worrying about the ALO interview. I really am starting to agree with you doc, so far throughout this whole application process I've honestly just been pretty stressed over everything (although I can't blame myself, it is my future) but still, you speak so much truth when you say to relax. Now I can finally start enjoying my LAST YEAR in high school. Let's all not get out of perspective. I mean, I've got homecoming this weekend and I've got the prettiest date (my girlfriend ofcourse) I'm excited!!!! I could use some more runs also. </p>

<p>Anyways, thanks for admin-ing this doc, i appreciate it. </p>


<p>Good comments, Ryan. I know getting into USAFA is a VERY big deal to a lot of you out there and I think that's great. I couldn't be happier that high quality kids from around the country are excited about the place. But, you need to recognize when you can do something to help your chances and when just worrying about things won't help--and will, in fact, mess with all your fun. Cadets learn pretty quickly at USAFA not to sweat the stuff they can't change and to concentrate on the important things they can. They don't have time for both, and you probably don't either! Good luck to all of you!!</p>

<p>Hey Doc,</p>

<p>What is this "Triple qualified" deal I hear so much about. Could you please shed some light on that. THanks!</p>