Documents deadline about to be missed

My D’s high school has not sent in any documents like transcripts or recommendations. She has applied EA for 11/1. Her high school has not sent in any documents. The U Maryland site says that early admission and merit are only considered if in by the deadline. Applications are only considered complete if all documents are in or postmarked by the deadline. We seem to be in a very tough spot given the school won’t be open again until after the deadline. Ideas?

I checked out UMaryland’s site. I saw a pop-up message saying to the effect of (not exact words), “There is a large volume of documents coming into the admission office and there might be a delay in matching these documents to the students’ applications. …The students will not be penalized…”. I tried to reload that message, but could not find it again. My paths were: → click on admissions → click on undergraduate admissions (red letters to the right of Vice President Gill’s picture). The pop-up appeared for me in the dancing terp background. Your D’s situation is different, but I think that your D would not be penalized. Good luck in getting the documents out. Perhaps phone calls to the admission and transcripts offices are necessary to clarify.

This is a whole pop up message:
“As we near our application deadline, there is an increasing volume of documents submitted to our office. As a result, there could be a delay in processing and matching documents for some applicants. Applicants will not be penalized for this delay. Applications and documents with a send date on or before the November 1 early action deadline will receive priority consideration for admission.”

@krball : Did your D’s HS use Naviance to send documents to UMD ? If they do, you can check there to see if school already sent but UMD hasn’t update the portal. You may need to make calls to both HS counselors and UMD admission reps to get thing straighten out. Here is the list of UMD Rep:

Good luck !!!

Thank you both for your efforts. We were able to reach the head of the schools counseling department who stepped in and sent all needed documents. Crisis averted. Honestly what was most frustrating is that all her college applications were in weeks ago, only to be hung up by things a bit out of our control.


Glad to hear issue resolved for you. We ran into several hiccups from schools, college boards along the way resulting with phone calls and email but it’s all good now with couple days to spare for us. :smile:

Good luck to your kid !!!