Dodge College Transfer Applicants Fall 2019

Hey all! I haven’t seen any threads for Transfer Applicants into the Dodge College yet so I thought I’d start one! :slight_smile:

Transferring from: Ithaca College, 3rd year
GPA: 3.47
Applied to Film Production

Who else has finished their interview and is feverishly waiting to hear back like me??

Hey! I feel your pain! ? I didn’t apply to Film Production so I didn’t have an interview but the wait has been a struggle. I have a relatively low GPA than most people applying for Chapman so I don’t really have my hopes up (even though it’s my dream school). I’ve had internships with NBC, Fox, and Disney so I’m hoping my creative resume can justify the low GPA at this point ? How did you think your interview went? That must have been so nerve wracking and exciting at the same time!

Transferring from: Northwestern
GPA: 3.1
Applied to Public Relations and Advertising

@1276kara I would hope that schools would care more about experience in the industry, rather than grades, because that kind of experience is much more impressive than high grades! I hope you get in!! ?

@1276kara and I felt like my interview went really well! Felt very conversational and I asked them a lot of questions. She said they only interview a handful of people so that made me more nervous but also more hopeful?? Haha it’s been my dream school forever so I’m crossing my fingers!!

hey! I applied to Dodge for Creative Producing as a transfer. There aren’t interviews for Creative Producing applicants but I still feel your pain! I had a 3.4 at my first college and a 4.0 at my current CC. I was a production intern at a VFX studio last summer and have been an on-set assistant on some feature films and episodic shows so I feel pretty good about my creative resume and major specific essay. Hope to hear back this week or next but the wait is killing me!

Have any of you heard back yet? The wait has been killing me too!

No word yet! Ugh! I’m a Transfer for Film Production and had a pretty good interview but I also applied for Screenwriting as my second choice. I’m so confused why they wouldn’t release all the decisions from the same major at one time. It’s all I can think about! Anyone hear yet? Do they ever release on weekends?

@IWantLearning33 I got rejected on April 19th :frowning: Yeah idk it seems weird that they sent the rejections and some acceptances at the same time