Does 3 gap years make me a nontraditional student?

Im applying to college this year, but i finished high school in spring 2019. if i were to start in the coming school year I would be 3 years late. I took the years off because i moved out of my parents house in may 2019 due to personal issues with them, came to America on my own and, and have spent this time establishing myself independently (apartment, car, job). My question is does this delay mean that I’ll be considered a nontraditional student? will it effect my chances of getting in? do I have to really go into detail in explaining why I took time off to convince them that it was necessary? I’ve heard that there are very few students older than 24 who are accepted as freshmen to the small liberal arts colleges im applying to, but I’m just not sure if thats the case for people my age, 20

It is unlikely that a 20 year old student will be seen as non-traditional unless married, in the military or veteran, etc…

More important is whether you will be “independent” for financial aid purposes. If not, then financial aid will be dependent on your parents’ cooperation and finances. Of course, if you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, financial aid at most US colleges will be much more limited or not available.