Does a B in Organic Chemistry (Honors) hurt your chances of medical college?

Does a B in Organic Chemistry (Honors) hurt your chances of medical college?
Does an ORM student need to have all A’s to get into a medical school?

There will be plenty of others with Bs applying and some will get accepted. Don’t consider your hopes dashed. One grade doesn’t define you. A pattern does. AAMC has a grid divided by GPA for a reason and it doesn’t single out 4.0 as anything special.

Just try for As in everything else while still getting the hours in for ECs and shadowing, etc. Then study hard for the MCAT.

Here’s the grid. The top level is 3.79+. You can still make that with a B.

Is that high school organic chemistry or clllege organic chemistry?

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No and no.

That B in Ochem hurts you only if you give it a lot of other Bs to keep it company.

Students–of all ethnicities and genders-- get into med school with less than perfect grades all the time.


One daughter has said that Organic Chemistry was the most difficult B- that she ever had in her life. She is currently studying for a DVM at a highly ranked university (admission being about as difficult as an MD) after having four acceptances with only one rejection. I also know a nurse practitioner for whom Organic Chemistry was the only C that they ever had in their life.

I think that this is okay. You will need a few A’s in other courses to make up for a B, but I suspect that you will be able to do this.

One thing that might be in your favor here: Premed classes are intentionally quite difficult. There will be very few (if any) students who have nothing but A’s throughout their premed classes. This means that you can get away with a small number of B’s.

Also of course your experience in a medical environment and your references will matter quite a bit, as will your MCAT scores.

It is not one B grade that will keep you out of medical school. However, each grade lower than A pulls down your chances a little.

college organic chemistry honors class

No, it doesn’t - for Organic Chem it’s a pretty good grade anyway. Just make sure you have A-/A in everything else :slight_smile:

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Thank you everyone