does a college see GPA differences in rank?

<p>At the end of junior year, I will have a 4.4392, a classmate of mine will have a 4.4636, a difference of .0244 or a semester of a weighted class. So will a college see that our rank is determined by a decimal in the hundredths place or do they not care, and just go with the number of my rank, for me the .0244 will be the difference between 4 and 3.</p>

<p>No, they won't see differences in rank. However, I believe your counselor has to report how many people share your rank and the GPA of the person ranked one, so that will give colleges a better perspective on where you stand in your class relatively. And honestly, the difference between 3 and 4 is not a big deal. It won't be a make or break factor in your apps, especially at top tier colleges.</p>