Does a family member alumni influence acceptance?

<p>A friend told me he was guaranteed acceptance to Yale because his uncle was a grad from there. If this is true, does it apply to other private schools like UM as well? My father graduated from UM, this doesn't mean I can automatically get accepted does it?</p>

<p>I don't think you are guaranteed admission, but I do think UM gives a boost to children and grandchildren of alums. Here is the section of the website that speaks about legacy admissions. Good luck.
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<p>I know for a fact that UM does give special consideration to legacy applicants. However for you to attain the legacy status, u have to have been the son/daughter of a UM Alumni or grandaughter/grandson of a UM alumni.
They dont guarantee admissions either. I know someone, I think her CC name was celia who had legacy at UM from her mother, and she got waitlisted and then accepted but only for the spring term though.
U still need good stats. However u do get priority.</p>