Does a high SAT score help a lower GPA?

Hi there! I am applying to Mines and I absolutely love the school. I took almost all honors in HS and have taken 1 AP (CSA, got a 5) and am taking 3 more this year (also TAing AP CSA). My GPA is around a 3.3 UW but I got an 800 on the math and 700 on the r/w for the SAT. My GPA could definitely be higher but my freshman year was not the best (no cs but almost all bs). My junior year in comparison I had around a 3.7 UW gpa (for that year alone, almost all As or A-s). I do several sports, I am a captain for one, as well as my school’s student government. I am interested in CS and I really love this school. If I apply early, do I have a chance with my scores and continued improvement over HS?

According to Mines’ Common Data Set 10% of their admitted students have between a 3.25 and 3.50 GPA, so I think you definitely have a chance. Especially because your grades are improving.

What is the highest math you will have taken by the end of HS?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I’m taking AP Calc AB this year.