Does a mid-year transcript qualify as the mid-year report?

<p>My counselor told me I only need to send my mid year transcript to each school I apply to and that he does not need to fill out the commonapp mid year report form. Is this true? If not, how can I ask him to fill out the report without sounding that I doubted his original advice?</p>

<p>Maybe he wants you to use Parchment to submit your mid year transcripts. I don’t know why he wouldn’t just upload it himself, and if it really bothers you to pay to send your transcripts using an online resource, then you should talk to him about it. Tell him that you have a question about how to send your mid year transcript to each school, and either he’ll tell you how or he’ll have changed his mind about not uploading the mid year report to the Common App.
And by the way, if you’ve applied to any non-Common App schools, you must use Parchment or some other online service to send your mid year transcripts! I almost forgot to do that with Georgetown, Tulane, and Wisconsin!</p>

<p>I already sent transcripts. Does he still need to write the mid-year report?</p>

<p>I was confused on this too. When I wrote Harvard, they said to have the midyear report sent, and it would include all the transcript information that they need.</p>

<p>In addition to asking for a copy of your transcript, the Mid-Year Report also has a number of questions for your guidance counselor to fill out. Mid-Year reports are no longer available as pdf’s from the Common Application, but here is last year’s Mid-Year Report: <a href=“”></a></p>