Does a RD applicant still stand a chance at Rice?

I read in a Washington post article that their ED applications jumped 39% this year. I used to think Rice has more moderate ED practices, but are they also now also becoming a ED heavy school? Will unhooked kids get shut out if they don’t apply ED?

If you are applying RD, what are the best ways to increase your chances at Rice in particular? For example does going for an overnight visit give you an extra push?What about interviews?

Don’t lose hope. Rice considers demonstrated interest. If possible, visit campus and sign up for an alumni interview if it is not too late to do so. Contact your regional admissions counselor with any questions, etc. The overnights for seniors and on campus interviews were in the fall. Rice traditionally has not filled as large a percentage of its class with ED admits as some of its peer universities. Rice gets a lot of RD applications from students that didn’t get in ED or SCEA somewhere else. The RD pool is filled with great students. This year ED applications were up 39 percent, and Rice admitted 408 students ED. The class size that Rice shoots for is usually around 950 so many of the seats are already filled, but there is always room for more.