Does a score increase of 500 in the 2nd attempt be trouble for me??

<p>I'm giving my SAT on this coming 5th of june. I did not prepare well enough. After getting familiar with the test, I hope a score increase of about 500 on my second attempt... Will College Board void my score increase as cheating and cancel them? Please reply...</p>

<p>If they really do so you can take the ACT.. CB is trash...trash</p>

<p>They may place your scores in a review status while they investigate. They'll look to make sure all procedures were followed then compare your answers to the answers of those around you for a pattern - both right and wrong. If they see a pattern they'll send a letter saying that, "while we're not accusing you of cheating, your scores are being voided." They'll give you the opportunity to retake the test or challenge the finding. Retake the test - the odds are stacked against you so you'll lose a challenge.</p>

<p>Then again, nothing at all may happen.</p>

<p>Then again, a 500 point bump is very unlikely.</p>

<p>That rule is pretty lame. The collegeboard shouldn't be able to invalidate one's hours of hard work in a couple minutes without any proof of cheating.</p>

<p>The College Board will investigate if you increase that much, but they will not cancel your score without further evidence of cheating.</p>

<p>i know that this is the SAT and not the AP Exams but this is just what I heard</p>

<p>there is a school on the east coast where one student was caught cheating during the AP US History exam. Because of that one student, all student's tests were voided and everyone had to retake the exam. So there are times when college board decide to be ******bags and take things to the extremes. </p>

<p>but then again, sometimes they won't do anything about it unless they have evidence of cheating. a 500 point bump is pretty suspicious though haha</p>