Does a specific AEM concentration dictates what kind of job you'll get?

<p>For instance, if you major in AEM concentrating in Agribusiness, or Environmental Economics, International Trade & Development, or Strategy, will it give you a harder time looking for jobs that surrounds the world of Finance? or is an AEM major alone enough for any type of jobs (business-wise) you want?</p>

<p>my two specializations are int'l trade & development and agribusiness mgmt. i'm also double majoring in int'l agr and rural development. ironically, i'm working at a big bank (kinda) on wall street this summer. lulz.</p>

<p>so no - your specializations do NOT dictate where you end up. recruiters usually don't even ask you what you're specializing in. they just see AEM and assume finance.</p>

<p>a lot of the requirements overlap and you can take courses that are required for other specializations so easily anyway. and also, i dont think the specializations show up on your degree if i remember correctly.</p>

<p>hahaha LOL....thanks you guys! cheers :)</p>