does a withdrawal look really bad on a transcript?

<p>ok, so stupidly i signed up to take precalculus this semester even though it is not required for my major (psychology) and i am doing horribly in the class. and by horribly, i mean that i will most likely fail. if i choose to withdraw from the class, will the colleges i am applying to look down on that?</p>

<p>better if you take the fail and repeat it for a higher grade. There will be no record of an f and you will get the experience to prob pull off an A next semester. I dont think a W is that bad but some schools do look down on them... depends on the school but I'd repeat I did before.</p>

<p>ok, thanks so much for the advice</p>

<p>You should keep in mind that all your grades (including the original and the repeat) will be counted if you choose to apply to Law School later. This also might be the case for other graduate schools.</p>

<p>If you can withdraw without penalty then take the withdrawl. Even if you repeat the F forthe higher grade like Gail said, it really never goes away. YOu could have withdranwn for something as simple as a scheduling conflict</p>

<p>I suggest you withdraw from the course and take the "W". Just as several have mentioned, an F will always remain on your record (even if you've repeated the course with an A and the A counts for your grade point average) whereas a Withdrawl is a bit of a grey area (an F is black and white). A "W" could mean several things such as scheduling issues and emergencies, and not necessarily be looked at as an F.</p>