Does activism or awareness count as community service?

Hello all,
I’m a junior who is working with a humanitarian organization as an intern. I’ve started a few new projects with them to help important causes like the Hong Kong protesters such as a GoFundMe and instagram account to raise awareness. I am just wondering whether this classifies as community service at all since I’m trying to help the Asian-American community?

In addition, I’m running a mental health litmag as a community ambassador for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Technically because this is my project as an AFSP ambassador and I’m planning on turning it into a physical zine to raise money for AFSP, does this count as community service either?

(psst: for any teen artists or writers interested in submitting to my mag, pls pls pls comment below or pm me so i can share the link with you!!! I’d love to see your work!!!)

Thanks so much for all your advice in advance!