Does adding an arts portfolio help?

I play two interments, piano and violin, and was wondering if I should complete arts portfolios for the schools I’m applying to (namely Stanford and Pomona). I will already be writing an essay about piano (I have a PIQ currently in the works and might be able to apply it to supplemental essays) and including it along with my list of awards in music competitions in my extracurriculars section. Should I submit an arts portfolio of my playing as well? What are the advantages of submitting one aside from them seeing I have this ability? Note: I am not planning to study music or any art.

Thank you in advance!

A strong supplement can help. A weak supplement can hurt. Don’t feel compelled to send just for the sake of sending.

Be aware that only a small portion of supplements are actually reviewed at many colleges. So you might do the work only to have it never see the light of day. Certainly don’t spend the time if it will detract from making the required parts if the application as strong as they can be.

It’s not just about formally studying music, but whether you plan to participate in music, on campus. You don’t need to submit a supp to indicate that in the application. There’s a check box in the Activities section or you can find other ways to note that.

As a matter of fact, it’s not even what awards you’ve won so far or how well you play. Are you involved with performance groups now? Something beyond solo lessons, practice, and competitions?

Our D was told that if it wasn’t conservatory level playing to not bother.

She was invited to send an arts supplement for one school who had an additional music scholarship but the requirement was to commit to participating in two ensembles/semester and she was reluctant to make that kind of commitment as an engineer.

Here’s what Pomona’s music department says about sending a supplement. You can decide whether it applies to you. (Note: at Pomona private lessons are free - also regardless of your major):

“Regardless of your intended major, we encourage you to submit a music supplement in addition to your regular application to Pomona if you would want to perform in a Music Department ensemble and/or take private lessons on your instrument or voice.”