Does admission approved mean 100% you got in??

<p>so on 5/7/10 my web advisor changed to admission approved, does that mean I got in 100%? Also, would I have to get a separate approval for the dodge film school? I called school and they said it just means admission was completed and you'll get a notice in mail shortly and I asked why some get decision complete, he said it is same meaning. Then I called another part of school and the guy said it pretty much means your in. Also, does like student loans cover housing if I wanna live on campus, even though I live about 30min away</p>

<p>just wait a couple of days for the letter to make sure.</p>

<p>yah on 5/10/10 my admissions status changed to admission approved, and i cant tell if i got in or not. ahhhhhh! this is torcher. lol i think they cover housing because i life like 15 minutes away and wanna live on campus and my friend has loans and is living on campus. so hopefully!!</p>

<p>Yes, loans can cover your housing, but they are still loans. If you read through posts from the past couple of years, it does seem that admission approved means that you are in, but things change. There is probably a reason that they are careful. So, a cautious congratulations!</p>

<p>Congrats dylanb keep me updated. I'll let you know what happens since I should get my letter first, also since I live 25min away.</p>

<p>Ok cool! congrats to you to carversation. are you a senior going into freshman year or transfer? I'm transferring from IVC into sophomore year (hopefully!!)</p>

<p>from saddleback and a junior.</p>

<p>caversation- did u apply the 2 years before?</p>

<p>First time applying.</p>

<p>For the 2 student who got accepted, what are your last names or what letters do they start with? im just wondering if they are doing the applications in alphabetical order</p>

<p>Mines starts with an A</p>

<p>sweet man thanks! congrats on getting in!! </p>

<p>Mine starts with an M so i think i have a while to find out if they are going in alphabetic order. </p>

<p>do u have your application video up anywhere or anything else i can see of yours?</p>

<p>thanks but are you sure admission approved means you're in. Na I applied for Producing no video required.</p>

<p>oh nice! </p>

<p>and ya. there hasn't been a single person i know who has gotten that and has been rejected. I have 3 friends i know who got in as frosh and they all said what you got.</p>

<p>Hope you're right. I'll let you know when letter comes.</p>

<p>got my acceptance package in the mail :) Just waiting for info on financial aid.</p>

<p>Hey so the guy from saddle back, your transferring as a junior? What were your stats? And were you going for Film Production?</p>

<p>Hey ya as a junior. so my overall gpa was a 3.09 i know it's low. and transferable gpa was like a 3.4 and this was with 2 F's on my transcript and i applied for producing. by way I'm retaking one of the F's in summer.</p>

<p>congrats man!! told u it meant u got it. </p>

<p>hopefully i will have the same news in the next few weeks</p>

<p>Good job carversation. I'm happy for you. Hopefully I'll find out something soon. I applied for Film Production. Transferring as a Junior, 3.36 gpa. two B's, two C's, and about seven or eight A's. I hope I make it. Chapman's the only school i want to go to.</p>