Does alumni and part-time professor relation have an edge?

<p>I'm considering applying to City College of New York next year. While my grades are average, I was considering all the things I could compile to put on my application.
My father went to City College for his masters and my sister is going to be teaching a psychology course there this upcoming fall semester for her graduate program. My dad also donates to the school from time to time. Not a crazy amount but a decent amount.
I'm not expecting this to be a deciding factor but I was wondering if these connections have any edge on admissions?</p>

<p>You might have a slight edge if that college considers legacy preferences in admissions but they're much more interested in you as a student so you should make yourself appear unique and ready in your college essays.</p>

<p>Sister as grad student teaching part time does not help. If your dad (or sister) was an associate professor or higher it would help. Dad as alumni helps. In general the boost from alum or a faculty parent is only modest, it will not make a weak application into a strong one.</p>

<p>Also, small money donations = no help. If your parents have megabuck donations that might help. we are talking millions here.</p>

<p>They accept about 40% of applicants -- hardly selective. Are your GPA and scores in the range? If so, you'll be admitted. Congrats.</p>