Does annoying the phone receptionist get you rejected?

<p>Except he's not the phone receptionist, he's actually the admissions coordinator.
I called once about a missing material, and again to confirm receipt of that material, and a 3rd time to ask about another material.</p>

<p>He sounded annoyed with me from the first call, and now I'm scared my 3rd call (made to inquire about a specific issue, not just to bother him) might have pushed his tolerance of me. I didn't say anything bad, just straightforward questions like "has the office..."</p>

<p>Should I call to apologize for annoying him or will that only annoy him further?</p>

<p>No, as long as you didn't say anything offensive/insulting, it should be fine. I mean, most admissions officers understand that applicants are anxious and want to be sure that their material is in on time. You did not do anything wrong and/or out of the ordinary so it shouldn't count against you.</p>

sorry, but this is actually pretty funny. I wouldn't worry about; it shouldn't affect your chances</p>