Does anyone also think that McGraw-Hill's Math Workbook sucks?

<p>I bought a McGraw-Hill math workbook, and I find that a lot of the questions are not relevant to the SAT and there are many answers that I believe are wrong. I am dissatisfied with the purchase. Can anyone post their review of this book?</p>

<p>That's why you should have gotten Gruber's instead.</p>

<p>I hate the McGraw-Hill SAT books in general. Like you said, they contain almost no relevant information pertaining to the actual exam.</p>

<p>A waste of money for me.</p>

<p>@collegeattempt Well I didn't like McGraw's Math, but I think McGraw's practice tests were not too bad.</p>

<p>Yes - McGraw Hill Connect and Advanced Accounting SUCKS!</p>

<p>I have used both sucky MGH and Cengage (SW pub) textbooks and homework software. I can say MGH is HORRIBLE!!!! They've cut and pasted material so many times it's rambling gibberish. </p>

<p>I cross registered at another school for accounting because I don't agree with charging $300 more for being forced to take an online class that subsists of nothing more than powerpts from the publisher, a lousy textbook from mcgraw hill and even worse connect software for homework....Unfortunately I was unable to register this semester and have to take advanced accounting online at my school. </p>

<p>I have used Aplia from Cengage (South Western pub) and their textbook. The difference is night and day. McGraw Hill is JUNK!</p>

<p>If the department chair wasn't tenured and buying policies were open with all the complaints they've received during the last 2 years............there is no excuse for making such a HORRIBLE text & homework choice - none. Just try submitting a problem you have to fill out 20 questions and they never respond</p>


<p>does anyone think mcgraw --in general-- sucks?</p>

<p>The only prep book company that I will ever respect and appreciate is Barron's.</p>