does anyone around what date FAFSA money will disburse money?

federal and cal grant

Hi @turnerxnathan1 - Just making sure you know that grants are disbursed to schools and not individuals. So SC will coordinate with the grantors, pay your tuition and fees out of the grant monies once recieved and send you a bill (or the excess $) according to their own schedule. Don’t know if that’s helpful or not.

FAFSA is an application (FREE APPLICATION for FEDERAL STUDENT AID) that gets sent to your schools to if you qualify for federal dollars. Right now, the feds give $6K per year to the school, if you qualify.
The school notifies you when to go to the financial aid office to sign your paperwork.

A Cal grant is a completely different program of funds from the taxes State of California.

clearly forgot to proofread my question lol

@CaMom13 @“aunt bea” yes im aware of everything you both pointed out. im a transfer student and received financial aid money at my previous college. i received federal and state money around the same time. i guess i should have made my question more clear. basically my question is when is the typical time frame for me to receive the money at USC? federal and state

some schools are quicker at disbursing funds than others

USC normally will not disburse anything until 10 days before the semester starts - it should say this somewhere on your financial aid summary. In my experience at CC, Cal Grant aid usually lags and is sent after the Pell Grant. However, USC seems to be a bit quicker with things and will have both forms of grant aid out around the same time. If there’s anything left over, it is applied to housing costs (if you opted to do this and live on-campus) or will be sent to your bank account via direct deposit.