Does anyone else here go to a DoDEA School?

<p>Just wondering if I'm the only one...</p>

<p>i guess i don't because i don't know what it is</p>

<p>I've never heard of it until now. Department of Defense Education Activity. Then again there are a billion government programs I've never heard of. It sounds cool though; a gathering of kids whose parents work in the DoD.</p>

<p>irish, you should apply to RSI. It's really easy (well, comparatively) to get in from DoDEA</p>

<p>unfortunately im a rising senior, so its too late. I would have applied this year but I already had summer plans & couldn't accommodate a 6-week summer program. I bet the DoDEA kids are the "idiots" in RSI though.</p>

<p>Yes, I'm in Guantanamo Bay now. Just out of curiosity, which school did you attend?</p>

<p>weird things happen inside the DoD</p>