Does anyone else LOATHE this aspect of the ACT?!

<p>My school requires each student to take the ACT. So when I got the "Real ACT Prep Guide", and I thought, "I don't think this test will be worse than the SAT". In terms of the difficulty of the questions, I was right.
But the structure?
I took Practice Test 1 to see how I'd do cold. The English section was 45 minutes long. I was thinking about how that's soooo long for one section. Then I got to math. 60 MINUTES LONG!!! For ONE section!!!! I don't care that the ACT has less sections than the SAT. I just find it incredibly difficult to spend 35+ minutes on one section. At least during the SAT, you work for 20-25 minutes and then the booklet says "STOP". You get a moment to breathe.
Anyone else share my feelings?
Sorry for the rant.</p>

<p>I'm guessing you haven't actually taken the ACT yet.</p>

<p>Time goes by extremely fast while you're working on it.</p>

<p>^ agreed.</p>

<p>hahaha, i see what you mean. but adding in the amount of questions per section, i personally wish i had more time than what's given. the thing i like about this aspect of the ACT is that you get an entire subject/section out of the way during that time. i hate having to go back and forth with math and reading, etc. on the SAT every 35 minutes or so. i guess it's just personal preference, but i admit that it gets hard to concentrate for 45 min + 60 min for the english and math sections before you get a break, haha.</p>

<p>I hate stopping and starting...I'd rather do a few long sections than 10 short sections</p>

<p>I loathe every aspect of the ACT.</p>

<p>I agree, it feels like an hour test.Literally.</p>

<p>The hour goes be really really quickly but I would prefer it to be broken into 2 sections</p>

<p>my only complaint about the act is that they should do reading and science first and then english and math second. reading and science are the more time crunched ones, and take more focus for me. i have my most focus at the beginning of the test. math and english are more intelligence based and i feel like i could do those fine even after being burned out on speed-reading and rushed science.</p>

<p>but regarding the op, i disagree, i prefer it all to be in one section even if it takes longer.</p>

<p>Almost everyone I've talked to about the ACT thinks there isn't ENOUGH time. I also prefer one subject to just be one section. That way my brain doesn't have to switch topics back and forth and back and forth.</p>

<p>i totally agree with you! science is the worst. it should be the first section.</p>

<p>Science is the most POINTLESS section ever. (I am quite biased I must admit after getting 26's on the last 2 Science sections of the last 2 ACTs)</p>

<p>There is never enough time for Reading and Science. Thirty-five minutes for forty-question sections where one has to read information and refer back to sources? I honestly can never understand how timed tests separates all the upper tier from the average. An intelligent person may very well be someone who needs time to analyze and think.</p>

<p>Reading section is definately the worst..... made all 32+s on other sections..... got a 24 on reading...... pwned =.="""</p>

<p>I TOTALLY agree, Islander4. I'm not trying to tout myself as an incredibly intelligent person, but I like being able to analyze, think, and conclude. Science and reading pwn me in the face.</p>

<p>Hmm would someone like to explain why they don't like/don't do well on the science section compared to the other ones? I feel like the science on the ACTs is rather basic and all the answers are easily found within the passage. Hmmm.</p>

<p>While the test is basic, the time constraints are SUPER hard, IMO. I have no doubt I could get a 35-36 if I had all the time in the world.</p>

<p>i agree with kiterunner18. i just wish they gave us at LEAST 10 minutes on each passage for reading.</p>

<p>Yeah, mniyks! Scratch what I said about all the time in the world- a little extra time would be a plus. I feel like it's more of a test of being able to finish the quickest, rather than knowledge. What happened to the story of the turtle and the rabbit? I suppose it's not relevant in the world of standardized testing.</p>

<p>i KNOW! for reading, i literally spend a minute skimming the passage then go right to the questions, hoping that they'll not be about themes or anything that requires actual reading, understanding, or analysis of the passage. there's simply no time for any of those. i feel like the ACT reading section tests how well you can skim, seriously, lol.</p>

<p>If the reading section is testing us on how to skim, why ask such specific questions from time to time?! Some of the questions ask us to give the overall summary/theme/etc. How would we know this, man?! We would have to read it through and analyze it, thus making time go by even faster. :/</p>

<p>IMO, they make it so that it's like the SAT Subject tests. If they're afraid of people sharing answers, then why is college board made the subject tests so that people can CHOOSE the order they take?! If we choose our order while in the same room, then how would we leak answers??? HUH?-_-</p>