Does anyone else think they ****ed up on the AP Cal AB test?

<p>I think i screwed up on the multiple choice and the long answer. **** me. I'm not feeling too confident because I got a 570 on the SAT Math 2 test. I don't feel good about this test. I'm hoping for at least a 3.</p>

<p>Does a 3 really differ from a 1 or 2? Seriously.</p>

<p>^what about a C from a D or an F? I would say so.</p>

<p>@Vince: Yeah the grade in the class matters but the grade on the AP doesn't matter unless he gets credit for it. So a 1, 2, and 3 are all equivalent.</p>

<p>^^unless his college gives credit for a 3 on AP (which, believe it or not, some do)</p>

<p>My college gives credit for College Algebra and Trigonometry if you get a 3 on the AB exam. The only way you can get out of Calculus I with AB is if you score a 4 or 5. So some colleges will still give you credit for a 3, just not Calculus credit usually.</p>

<p>hello all! I took a break from cc and now i'm so happy to be back. =)
In terms of calc ab, I wouldn't write yourself off as a 3 too quickly...I think the test, esp. free response, was slightly more difficult than in past years so the scaling could be a little nicer. my calc teacher even said the free response was more difficult than in the past.</p>

<p>^Good to hear that others thought it was difficult. For the most part, I got it, but #5 really threw me off. #1 was a little tricky as well.</p>

^Good to hear that others thought it was difficult. For the most part, I got it, but #5 really threw me off. #1 was a little tricky as well.


<p>Which form? I am doing it right now and it doesn't seem too bad.</p>

<p>Form A. For #1 I was thrown by the last couple parts of the question, and the last part on #5. I also screwed up and forgot the initial condition on #5. I should still get at least a 4.</p>

<p>I love how at CC, a 3 is considered underachieving by some when it's all I'm hoping for. I (and others on this forum from past threads) do agree that the free response this year was nasty. And many universities--just not high-ranking private ones--give credit for a 3 on Calculus, especially if you're applying as a non-math-related major.</p>

<p>I would be okaaayy with a 3, but definitely not a 1 or 2.</p>

<p>In my case, I would not be ok with a 3. I would at least get some credit but it would not be the credit I need to pass out of Calculus I. On most AP exams I would be fine with a 3 but if I do not see a 4 or 5 on that score report, I'm taking Calculus again in college. :(</p>

<p>Oh ya that's right byubound, I've seen BYU AP credit tables before. In the case that I went there, I would definitely not be happy with a 3 on AP Calc. But BYU is pretty lenient on most AP exams, which is awesome, such as Physics B or Environmental Science.</p>

<p>^Yup, they are very nice when it comes to AP credit. They will always at least give you something for a 3, even if it is only elective credit.</p>