Does anyone have a "cash back" credit card with no cap on the amount of cash back?

<p>Citibank was very pleased to advise us that it has converted the credit card with benefits we liked to a credit card where you have to register on a quarterly basis to receive most benefits. Obviously, I am not as pleased.</p>

<p>It still gives 1% cash back on all purchases, but the cash back is limited to $300 a year, which is not enough to last us most of the year. (We charge everything we possibly can and pay 100% every month.)</p>

<p>Does anyone have a credit card with no limit to the cash back, or at least a higher limit?</p>

<p>Check out Discover. I think they're pretty generous with the cap.</p>

<p>But still not accepted everywhere.</p>

<p>I use my Costco AMEX card, which has a generous cash back setup … but AMEX isn’t accepted everywhere either. :(</p>

<p>If they do not take my Costco Amex, they will have to swipe my Alaska Airlines Visa :) No cash back, but the little miles add up to free tickets to nice destinations.</p>

<p>Try Charles Schwab Visa, it gives 2% cash back everywhere.</p>

<p>Yes, I have the Schwab Visa, too. It also has no foreign transaction fees, and mine has no annual fee. You have to open a Schwab brokerage account to get it though (I already had one). The cash back is placed into the cash account that is part of the brokerage account. You can invest it or withdraw it or just leave it sitting there.</p>

<p>I have a REI Visa.</p>

The REI Visa Credit Card is the only credit card that helps you get a bigger REI dividend and gives back to the outdoors. Every purchase increases your dividend when you use your REI Visa Credit Card.</p>

<p>5% rebate on all REI purchases.1<br>
1% rebate on all non-REI purchases.2<br>
All this on top of your REI member refund. (typically 10% on your eligible REI purchases3<br>
No Annual Fee


<p>There isn't a limit on rebate.</p>

<p>missypie, you'd be surprised but there are places that do not take Visa/MC! Costco is a big one for us because that's where I shop the most, and another one is our tiny Neiman Marcus (where I do not shop often).</p>

<p>Costco Amex:</p>

<p>1% on stuff
2% on travel and dining
3% on Costco gas</p>

<p>AND a separate rebate</p>

<p>2% on anything you buy at Costco in addition to the %% listed above.</p>

<p>I had the REI card at one point. It does not exactly give you cash, it gives you an REI rebate. I bought some pretty cool/expensive stuff for a few years (ski box for my car, bike for D2, cross country racing skis, lots of ski wax :)). But eventually I had all the big ticket items I needed from there. I cashed in the remainder of the rebate one year at one of our local REI stores, and they gave me $300 in twenties (and it took about 15 minutes for them to come up with the cash).</p>

<p>Discover has had no limit on cash back that I've found. I charge the kids' tuition and fees to Discover Card and the cash back is quite nice. Note that Discover Card is owned by Citi.</p>

<p>I've <em>heard</em> , but don't know for sure that the Schwab Visa is not offering new accounts. Seems like they didn't realize that people who shopped for rebates/low fees ALSO paid off the balance every month. Who could have expected that? and note that they DON"T pay the rebate when you run late on that month's payment. </p>

<p>Costco Amex as was said, has no limit.</p>

<p>REI Visa, as was said,, has no limit and if you don't want to buy something at REI, nor get cash, you can request a check.. it takes a month, but you can get the $$ in other than cash/stuff. We often let the rebate balance run at REI and buy even the little things with the rebate. Then I get worried we'll forget it is there and order up a check.</p>

<p>Yes, we have all 3 cards. Yes we use them all .. bigger travel rebate/gas = costco.</p>

<p>REI stuff = REI</p>

<p>Schwab = everything else. </p>

<p>It is called Money Management for some reason.... ;)</p>

<p>Costco Amex and American Airlines MC here. Also business has a Capital One with cash back but I think ? it's a business cc.</p>

<p>BunsenBurner. I think we have different Costco AMEX cards. I have the Costco True Earnings AMEX card and its rebate is:</p>

<p>3% cash back for annual gasoline purchases (anywhere not just Costco gas) of up to $3,000 (1% thereafter)
3% cash back for restaurants
2% cash back for travel
1% cash back everywhere else, including Costco</p>

<p>I think the Schwab Visa is a fairly new product, and they have had a few growing pains. Service and stuff like online access has improved a lot in the few months we have had the card, though. Statistically I am guessing that people who have brokerage accounts are going to be more likely to be the types to pay off their balances. And people who already have Schwab brokerage accounts are probably most likely to open the card. I know I am a "pay off every month" person, have never run a balance in my life.</p>

<p>Costco Amex & Citibank Drivers Edge reward. Latter requires you specify a car and the rewards can only be used for that. Just put a 'free' set of new tires on my Corolla.</p>

<p>Two options:</p>

<li>Capital One Venture card (our primary credit card):</li>

<p>$59 annual fee - waived the first year
No annual limit on points and they never expire
2% cash back on everything
No foreign transaction fees
Points can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, or any travel-related credit card purchase
No travel blackout dates
Preferred access to entertainment, dining, and sporting events
Complimentary travel upgrades
Concierge service</p>

<li>Capital One Venture One card:</li>

<p>Same benefits as the Venture card with the exception of 1.25% cash back on everything with no annual fee</p>

<p>Charles Schwab stopped offering the 2% cash back card shortly after we got ours, so S couldn't apply & get his own. :( We got a business card the other day from our local bank that has NO limit on what you can get.</p>

<p>I do love the Costco AmEx & if you have the business card, you get 4% back on gas instead of 3%. You only get the extra 2% on Costco purchases if you are an executive member, which we aren't. The 2% is now capped @ $500/year.</p>

<p>I don't shop at Costco, so I have an Amex Blue Cash card. It has pretty much the same cash back, except not for Costco, and I haven't run into a cap yet. It requires no work on my part which is key for me. Once a year, the 'cash' is credited to my bill. This year I got about $700. It also has no annual fee. I use it for all my daily spending, but not for bill paying.</p>

<p>Another vote for Costco AmEx and REI Visa. We have both, I think the REI card is my longest running card, although they changed banks many years ago. I have had no problems with the service departments for either card, whereas I have had some with Chase and Citi.</p>

<p>I use the Amex for travel, dining out, gas, and Costco purchases, and the REI for most other things. It does take longer to get the cash from REI, usually in July they issue checks for the previous year's rewards.</p>