Does anyone have any idea of what to expect at the scholars competition this weekend??

My son is going to attend, and he would love to know from past participants what it was like.

Is it actually a competition? I did not get that impression. We’re going too, and this is the email we got:

Anyway, it looks like a big open house/info session/last ditch attempt to tell us why we should pick HWS instead of all of the other, less expensive schools. :wink:

You’re right. They called it a competition at one point, but there is no actual competition. I have a feeling that they’ve picked their top scholarship winners and if they show up or express enough interest that’s who will get them. Hopefully my son lol!

Did your son enjoy the weekend? My daughter really did, but unless they offer more money, I doubt she’ll end up attending. It’s $14,000 more per year than another top choice of hers, and it’s hard to justify that.

He enjoyed it too. In fact too much - I think there are other schools that offer a lot more opportunities, with less snow, and more (MUCH more financial aid!). Still if he ends up winning a full tuition scholarship he’ll go there. If they can bring their aid up to surpass that which has already been offered then he may go. At this point I have to keep telling myself that if the money is equal, then it is his decision, and I just have to hope for the best. They’ve been nice to him, so hopefully that’s a good sign.