Does anyone have any tips for what to include in a RISD animation portfolio?

Because right now I only have more finished pieces that don’t show a lot or could be for illustration.
And how hard is it to get into their animation program compared to their illustration program?
Also really quick, is 1320 an okay SAT score for the school or should I retake it?

I have a daughter who’s a sophomore there now, but can’t really answer your questions well. From what I remember you’re not applying to a major but to the college as a whole so look up their portfolio suggestions. Also check out their admissions FB page.

I think it’s still run by Lucy, and she’s super helpful and will quickly answer any kind of admissions questions you might have.

At Ringling the portfolio for an animation major would be heavy into figure drawing, action drawings and quick sketch.

Hi, RISD accepts students into their school as a whole, not by department… As for SAT, it depends where your grades are at, though emphasis should be placed on the portfolio.