Does Anyone Have Experience Transferring to Eckerd College?


I’m planning to apply to Eckerd as a transfer student this upcoming fall semester. I’m currently a freshman in college and after this current semester, I will have completed 30 credits. My gpa is a 3.5 and I have mostly A’s and a few B’s with one C+ from my first semester. My question for anyone who has experience transferring to Eckerd: What was your experience like? I’m worried that the C+ I got will sway them from accepting me. Did you feel that the application process was super competitive or was it more relaxed? Thank you to anyone with any input :slight_smile:

Have you contacted your admission counselor? The link is below. She is very approachable and easy to work with: Rebecca Bybel. First look at the link about transfer students: Eckerd is unique and very welcoming, generally, a more relaxed process. Are you able to visit?

You should be admitted to Eckerd.