does anyone here work full time and go to UCLA?

<p>the reason i am asking is I may have to go back to work as well to tackle these school expenses. Ive been a working student for most of my college life but the last year i quit work and concentrated on school. Now that I got into UCLA i just dont know how challenging the course load are. i guess my question is, is it difficult to balance school/work in UCLA? would u suggest to not work and just live on loans for a while?</p>

<p>Are you a transfer? If so, from where? If you're from a CC, it'll be tough to tackle both unless you're great with managing your time. One of my roommates worked nearly 30-40 hours a week and was a CS-like major as well - grades suffered, but he made it through.</p>

<p>That's going to be really hard if not impossible to do without it affecting your grades since you will have no study time (unless you never sleep...). You're in school, so your grades should be your priority (especially if you have grad/professional school plans). Take out loans and work part time if you must, but full time is a bit much IMO.</p>

<p>Have you ever heard the phrase "full-time student"?</p>

<p>You can work 10-15 hours a week and be okay. I've known a few people who worked up to 25 hours and maintained grades. But, beyond that, I don't think it's possible.</p>

<p>I think it depends on the major, class availability, and your ability to manage your time and study habits. I've taken classes where you could technically just attend class and read all the material before the midterm and final the week leading to the exams.
I think it's close to impossible if you're in a major like English where you are required to read about a book per week for each class, and still attend class to discuss it.
If you plan to work full time, I think you'll end up having to sacrifice a large part of your social life and extracurricular activities. If that doesn't matter to you, then I guess you wouldn't be sacrificing much.</p>

<p>what's your major? </p>

<p>i... worked nearly full-time (32-40 and close to 50-60 some weeks in summer) as a full-time student during my last 3 quarters of college. worked about ~24-28 on average between fall and january 2010. the rest of the year was hellish </p>

<p>it's really... stressful but i did manage to get some of my homework done at my job. otherwise, i turned into a zombie. </p>

<p>i managed to do very well my last 3 quarters as my hours upped at my job . . . with a lot of luck, patience, and while being continually sleep-deprived</p>

<p>but, i knew how to study smart. instead of reading books, i would just use JSTOR to get reviews and only select chapters i absolutely needed. i knew how to skim books, find the arguments... and neglect reading 500 pages of text a week. so i tried to minimize actual work as much as possible while retaining high marks </p>

<p>why work harder than you need to...</p>