Does Anyone know about epgy or Stanford residential summer programs?

<p>My D is interested in learning more about physics this summer. We have looked at the materials from Columbia, Stanford, Brown and EPGY.
Does anyone have specific info on any of these programs?
Many thanks.</p>

<p>My son took the EPGY 3-week residential summer course in Quantum Mechanics at Stanford in 2002 and has friends who've done other summer work at Stanford. He had good things to say about the course, and spent time with the folks who were doing the Relativity course as well, they sort of shared curriculum items. He had already taken Honors Physics and was signed up for AP Physics C at school the following year (followed by Seminar in Modern Physics), so he had a decent physics and a very strong math background before signing up. They indicate that for this summer, precalculus, mechanics, and E&M are pre-reqs for Quantum Mechanics; that sounds about right. I met the students, instructors, and RAs a couple times and was very impressed with them all. There was a lot of Frisbee playing, and I taught a group of 8 how to play bridge while my son was unpacking: man, they were FAST!</p>

<p>If you or your D has any specific questions about the course, send them in PM and I'll relay them through my S. Things may have changed some in the last couple years, but his experience is probably still relevant.</p>