Does anyone know anything about Geomatics Engineering?

<p>Im currently a Computer Engineering / Computer Science student and I never had any programming experience before, now I hate it and its not something i want to do for the rest of my life.</p>

<p>I met with my adviser and she told me Geomatics Engineering would fit me, Its fairly new about 4-5 years in, so do you know anything about it? Whats it like? What are the classes like? is it worth for the future?</p>

<p>Please let me know your thoughts.</p>

<p>Don't know. It may be mostly public sector right now, but that could easily change. Seems like it would involve lots of CS (database, graphics).
If you are in the US, get an appropriate internship with Jeppesen or National Geographic or US Dept. of Commerce (Census or NOAA or NGS) or USGS (Dept. of Interior) or NASA or your local department of urban planning, etc. to see if you like that kind of stuff.</p>

<p>(Happy Birthday.)</p>

<p>My only concern would be its not a very well known degree. I know at least Purdue considers it a sub field of civil engineering. Its a class we are required to take at my school as a civil engineer.</p>

<p>I have taken a geomatics class and worked with it a good amount in my internship. It can include allot of things. Land surveying is probably to most common thing you would do with it. GIS is a big area as well. GIS can include some computer science skills. With GIS you can store large data bases and then visually show it. Several things it could be used for are engineering, politics, police work, and natural resources. If you have ever seen some crime investigation show where they have a map and start narrowing down possible matches that is GIS. They could show the murders that have happened in the last year, with a knife, after 6 p.m., by a male, and whatever other parameters they have. It has allot of uses however I do not know how the job outlook is. If you want to use in civil engineering applications then I would say major in civil.</p>