Does anyone know how good the psychology program is at Marist?

Despite making up 10% of the student population at Marist, it seems that Marist only really talks about its business, fashion, and communications programs. Is the reason why Marist never talks about its psych program despite its size is because it’s bad? Or is it just a coincidence?

I think every school has their programs that they showcase but it doesn’t mean the others are bad. I toured Marist a few years ago and was very, very impressed. I thought it provided an excellent education and a fine campus life. At the time their president of 40 years was retiring. 40 years! It was clear Marist not only survive but thrived during the long recession we experienced post 2008. I don’t think you could go wrong by choosing Marist.

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My daughter graduated from the Marist Psychology program and is going to be attending a top ranked school for her PHD. Getting into a doctorate program is extremely competitive and she was accepted into a number of programs. Her undergraduate education at Marist was excellent. She was able to take advantage of internships, TA programs and research opportunities, that made her goal of getting into graduate school a reality.