Does anyone know how much Michigan State’s cost of attendance is for 2020-2021?

I’ve been given the financial aid package online but it does not include cost of attendance.

Call the financial aid office and ask. Meanwhile you could add 3% - 5% to the 2019/20 numbers.

Go back into the StuInfo portal. Your Cost of Attendance is at the top of the financial aid page (View your financial aid.)

Here is my daughter’s. She’s in-state, incoming freshman fall 2020:

View Your Financial Aid
Your financial aid offer is preliminary until the Office of Financial Aid has reviewed your application. We may request additional information by mail or email.

Your Estimated Cost of Attendance (Financial Aid Budget): $30,094.00

Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC): $XXXX.XX
If you are enrolled less than full-time for fall or spring semester, some awards may be cancelled or may disburse at less than the listed amount. For summer session disbursement rules, please see the chart at