Does anyone know of any Pre-Calculus Honors Summer Courses?

<p>I want to be in AB next year to get ahead, and the Math Head won't let me test out if I self-study over the summer which I find pretty stupid. My only option according to her is to take an accredited high school course. My school offers a non-honors course over the summer which would normally not be an option as it is not weighted, but that may be my very last option. I was wondering if you guys knew of any summer courses that were NCAA accredited and honors courses for Pre-Calc I could take. JHU CTY was too expensive, I need something around $0-$300. Thanks.</p>

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<p>This is expensive too (though they have financial aid), and IMO an online class isn’t worth it.
What grade are you in? If you take AB next year, what are you going to take senior year? Couldn’t you take pre-calculus at school next year and then take BC the year after that? </p>

<p>@halcyonheather Thanks for the link, I’ll be looking into that. My goal is to take MVC which is offered at my HS. I am a freshman, next year if I take Pre-Calc Honors, I’ll go into IB Math HL 1 and then 2 senior year. Though if I take Calc AB soph. year, our school allows us to take HL 2 junior year and HL 1 senior year (in conjunction with MVC). This is because HL 2 is practically BC and HL 1 covers single topics from both AB and BC, so HL 1 would be a review in senior year, and MVC would be a new course. </p>