Does anyone know when and how admissions decisions will be released for RD 2020?

My son is waiting to hear and I am wondering if anyone has any info. At the audition weekend for the conservatory, we were told it was officially April 1, but that they almost always come sooner.

My son was admitted RD a few days ago. Through the portal. We did not receive an email or anything. The same day as we noticed the portal change he received an admission letter through regular mail (but we had not checked the portal for some time before that so cannot say when it changed–I was actually checking some financial aid info when I noticed it).

Thank you for that. Where do you guys live? I can’t ask my son to check the portal at the moment and I am wondering if the mail might have a letter in it today, as we live in Boston so it might take longer to get here than the midwest.

My D’s portal just changed this morning–accepted, complete with confetti and streamers! :wink:

@twoinarow We live on the west coast. I did go back and check the portal (because our financial aid award just came in–they notified us of that by email). Anyway, his acceptance letter is dated March 7th, so the regular mail letter must have come quite some time after the portal changed. I guess they are doing rolling admission? Also, my son is not musical and so had no audition for the conservatory. Perhaps that makes his application easier to process equaling a faster admission decision? Just speculation of course.

So far we really like Lawrence–the merit aid was generous, as was the overall award. We are still waiting to hear from other colleges but Lawrence has definitely made a nice impression on us. There has been some personal communication from them which seems genuine. I wish your son good luck :slight_smile:

@choirsandstages Congratulations! The confetti and streamers was very sweet wasn’t it? My son was also accepted to Fordham yesterday as well. Their website did the same thing (but different colors-I assume the colors of Fordham University). So far Lawrence is our favorite though.

@JMTmama thank you for that and good luck to your son on deciding! We are very impressed with Lawrence as well. It reminds us a lot of Vassar, which, being on the east coast, is much harder to get into. However, I believe the personal attention at Lawrence along with the option for a dual degree and the conservatory are huge added benefits that Vassar cannot offer.

@choirsandstages - congrats! FIngers crossed that we see streamers and confetti as well! Did your daughter also apply to the conservatory?

@jmtmama and @twoinarow thank you! And yes, she did apply to the conservatory - she applied for dual degree in Vocal Performance and Music Ed. Hoping you’ll get the good news soon!

@choirsandstages and @JMTmama- my son was accepted! I have a question for you though @choirsandstages - could your d see the acceptance from both schools on the portal? He applied for a dual degree in math and composition and is only seeing that he was accepted but not to which schools. He was also given a generous scholarship! Yay! Thanks for chatting through this with me!

Congrats @twoinarow !! That’s exactly what we’re seeing–just that she’s accepted but not which majors. I thought about it momentarily and decided that they will probably provide all the details in the snail mail acceptance. It is a bit odd, but I wouldn’t worry. :slight_smile:

Thank you @choirsandstages! That makes me feel better. The conservatory acceptance is more of a reach for my son. He wants to do composition but the head of the department said she only takes 2-3 incoming freshman each year. She prefers to have kids come to the liberal arts program and prove their commitment to composition before being brought into the department officially. I guess now we have to wait for the mail!

Oh that’s pretty interesting, @twoinarow - did he have some sort of an audition for that program? I thought the soprano field was competitive, but only 2-3? Best of luck to your son!

@choirsandstages he had to do an audition on his instrument, which is trumpet. However, he only had to convince the trumpet professors that he could get through the testing at the end of the year, but not necessarily excel at it. The real test is the compositions and recordings he sent to the composition director. She has to be convinced that you have written enough and been doing it for a long enough time that you really know what your getting yourself into. She said 8-10 kids per year pick it up after arriving at the school for the liberal arts and learn more about the program through taking a class or two in the conservatory.

@choirsandstages and @twoinarow – we are traveling but dd was checking portals on Thursday night, and learned she was accepted. It was signed by the conservatory admissions director (applied dual degree)… w generous merit (further FA to come). I have been told by a current LU parent that the reason they don’t email is that they prefer to send the “big envelope” - she literally happened upon the changed application status notification by accident.

That said, when your status changes it does appear in the portal. And if you or your DC applied to the con and was accepted, I’m assuming it should be signed by the con AD, and if to (or only to) the college, then by the college AD, and if both, then the con AD as well :wink: – according to my DH the referred-to big envelope has not arrived yet (we are in the Northeast).

Congrats to your daughter, @listenmissy! And yes, today when I looked at the letter again I noticed that finer detail of it being signed by the Conservatory Admissions Director!

@listenmissy (love the screen name) thanks for that. I am too worried that he didn’t get in to even ask him if it was signed! We will have to wait for the “big envelope”. Where are you on the east coast? We are in the Boston area. @choirsandstages congrats to your daughter! fingers crossed everyone- my son could really use good news on this. It’s been a tough week of rejections and waitlists.

@listenmissy @choirsandstages @JMTmama my son got into the dual degree program too! Trumpet and math- the conservatory accepted him! Thanks for being my sounding board through this and I hope he goes to Lawrence and we meet one day!

Congratulations on the acceptances! @twoinarow and @listenmissy Lawrence seems like a wonderful college :slight_smile:

@choirsandstages , @twoinarow – congrats on the acceptances! We are in VT - and returning home from a spring break trip to Fla so we haven’t seen the big envelope yet - but my DH says it just arrived today (which is funny because big envelopes related to later acceptances from East Coast schools arrived earlier this week - but we haven’t seen any of them yet!!!)