Does anyone not take a math SAT II

<p>You guys have scared me into not wanting to take the Math IC because of its curve and "being looked down upon by colleges" and not the Math IIC because I haven't taken PreCalculus. Even though I'm pretty good at math</p>

<p>Would I be better off taking a Chemistry and a US History SAT II since I'm taking those classes now (not AP in either). Im doing well in all my classes, but Chem is probably the hardest and US History is just memorization. So I figure I'd have to study out the yang for these</p>

<p>Plenty of people do not take a math SAT Subject Test. For those who excel at math or who are going to a UC or technical school where a math SAT II is required you'd be shooting yourself in the foot not to take it. But if you are applying to a school that leaves it up to you which tests to take, and you are planning to major in the arts, humanities, life sciences etc. there is no reason to take a math test if you feel comfortable that you can post good scores in other subjects.</p>

<p>I thought that UCs don't require you to take a math SAT II. They just require you to take mathIIC if you do decide to take a math SAT subject test.</p>

<p>um just take it god. What grade are you in. If your in 11th just wait a year and take it early 12h grade year. What math are you taking if you havent taken pr calc? Geometry? are you a year behind or sumthing.</p>

<p>If your in 10th or lower just freaking wait till a year or two dang. I dont know whhy you want to even consider taking it when your so young(if you are that is). So I sugest you take it if your smart enough, or just wait till you do learn cause its not gonna kill you. I think you maybe scared.</p>

<p>No curve exists for the Math I exam. Each raw point is worth ten points.
It is not looked down upon by colleges.
For those people who aren't proficient in advanced mathematics, it is a good test to prove one's mettle.</p>

<p>Knowledge of Pre-Calculus is necessary for the Math II exam.
If you have not taken this course yet, it may be in your best interests to wait.</p>