Does Anyones AP Psychology Class Use The Myers Textbook?

If someone could be kind enough to help me out, just by letting me know your teacher teaches/or has taught from that book would be helpful :).</p>

My school uses the Barron’s AP Psych book exclusively.</p>

Mine uses some weird psychology and variations or something like that…but I use barrons haha </p>

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We use the myers 9th edition textbook.</p>

This is the first year our school has offered AP Psychology, and we use the Myers’ Psychology for AP book. It’s pretty good.</p>

My teacher is switching to it next year. The district buys it for all the district, so they had a meeting and the teachers voted for Meyers unanimously.</p>

I was going to take it online and got the Myers textbook because it was required…but I decided to wait and take it in college.</p>