does anyone's high school transcripts show as received on tritonlink for UCSD?

<p>All of my community college transcripts and my IGETC certification show up as received on my triton link but not my high school transcript which is weird because I sent my CC and high school transcripts together. Anyone else seeing this as well?</p>

<p>Yup you’re not alone, I sent one of my CC transcripts in the same package as my high school transcripts so I know they got them as well.</p>

<p>for the HS transcripts is it possible to physically mail them to UCSD yourself? or does the person at school have to send them?</p>

<p>@Movingunit I got my transcripts from my high school and then just mailed them out myself. They got there fine :slight_smile: I think you just need the person at school to stamp the envelope and such with the fancy “Offical Transcript” stuff.</p>

<p>@uctransferhope My high school transcripts are finally shown as received on tritonlink today :frowning: i sent them in about a week or two before my college ones too. My college and IGETC ones were shown as received before my high school ones…I think they’re just behind.</p>

<p>cool. ya i just called them and they said even if u sent the HS and CC transcripts together what they do is put the HS ones in one stack and the CC in another. they said they have processed the CC ones but are still going through the HS pile. so that is why the HS ones aren’t showing up for some of us. </p>

<p>btw, since i assume all of you guys are UCSD bound, are you guys living in the village or off campus?</p>

<p>@sugary thanks for the reply. so I just basically head over to my school and request official transcripts and they just hand it over and I just mail it? sounds simple enough…thanks alot!</p>

<p>■■■■ THANK YOU OP!</p>

<p>I was stressing out all godd*mn day about this! </p>

<p>I also sent mine in the same package, yet the HS one’s hadn’t shown up yet and I was tearing my hair apart. I just want to relax and have this done with already.</p>

<p>@Movingunit yes, you can do that. Some schools will mail it for you as long as you give them the address to mail it to :slight_smile: mine didn’t though xD</p>

<p>@uctransferhope i’ll be living in the village this year, to get a feel of campus life haha.</p>

<p>wrong thread i guess</p>

<p>@ sugary thanks for the reply again! i was always thought u couldnt lay a finger on those official transcripts…i feel better now since those people working at the registrar or w/e are some of the rudest and laziest people out there</p>

<p>Okay so I guess I can also confirm this, just today my FINAL CC transcript showed up, but not my HS transcript. I did send them in the same package so at least I know they got my package. </p>

<p>Just to confirm, the only thing that matter is POSTMARK date right? not necessarily the date they receive it.</p>

<p>yup its postmark date which has to be july15th or earlier.</p>

<p>btw my high school transcripts showed up today!</p>