Does AP count as finishing pre-req?


<p>I got a 5 on AP Chem, and I know that Berkeley gives a credit for intro Chem class. So, does AP score count as a course requirement for pre-req? (Berkeley requires one or more classes of Chem while I didnt take any because of the AP) I'm not sure how they will manage to look at AP scores and find the equivalent courses, and still look at other pre-reqs finished (it might take a lot of work, and im still lenient to believe they will ever look at AP scores before im admitted)</p>

<p>If your CC gives you credit for it, then yes, it can be a fulfillment of a pre-req.</p>

<p>Are we also given the units for the class that go toward the 60 unit minimum?</p>



<p>Am I allowed to write down the courses passed from AP on the application under "Courses Completed?"</p>

<p>On the application, there's a seperate section for AP.</p>

<p>i know for cal, during the winter when you update your application, they ask you to show what prerequisites you've fufilled.</p>

<p>you can either enter a course, or an AP test score to do that.</p>