Does APES look bad for a highschool senior?

So I’m an aspiring science major with an emphasis on Biology. I’ve taken accelerated physics and biochem (basically the “honor” version of our school’s pre-req classes) and I took AP Bio as a junior. I got booted out of my first choice of Anatomy and Physiology and Kinesiology this year and got placed in APES, which most people in my school tell me is a “cop out class.”
My other classes this year are Independent research and seminar (non AP, offered through my school), AP B/C Calc, AP Chem, AP 2-D Studio Art, and a college prep English course.
From previous years I have taken three AP classes and five AP test credits. Would APES bring down my overall competitiveness for top colleges like Duke or Northwestern or would my other classes make up for it? I’m trying to decide if I should cut my losses or if I should go talk about possibly transferring to something like AP Psych.

AP Psych is no “better” in terms of perceived rigor than APES. Also, fun fact: the APES exam is harder than most students expect. You are looking at a Bio field, you are also doing AP Chem (so definitely a rigorous load), and your choices are limited. Why no social science OR FL though?

Neither is “better” in terms of rigor, and I don’t think either is a step down from Anatomy, etc.

I think that AP Gov or similar would look better.