Does applying early for RD make a difference?

<p>If you apply early (say, Sept-Oct) for Regular Decision, is your application put on the "top of the pile" and looked at first? Or does it make any difference? I'm sure it depends on the school, but in general? (And I'm not referring to schools that have rolling admissions).</p>

<p>Top of the pile assumes all your other docs (school & teacher reports) come in first as well. That's out of your control. So why should colleges weigh it differently? Think about it.</p>

<p>I was just curious if the first apps they look at get (unintentionally) more time and have a better chance than the last ones they see, when they're feeling tired or rushed or getting towards the limit. So I wondered if there was any certain system to the order that applications are looked at.</p>

<p>Jea: could the readers' mood that day affect how you're evaluated? Who is to know? They are professionals. But to place any energy at trying to game this akin to referencing horoscopes and fortune cookie slips, I'd say. </p>

<p>My most sincere advice to you: send it in when you're confident it's in tip top form.</p>