does applying for FA ruin chances of admission?

<p>hi, im trying to attend one of the EPGY programs next year and i have to start planning now because the next seven months are going to be HECTIC for me, so thanks guys if you reply.</p>

<p>i'm actually from a very middle/upper-class family, but we don't have THAT much money to spare and im also applying to other schools that are much more expensive than the one I'm attending right now. i really would like to apply for one of the int'l programs but there's nothing spectacular about me (my average grades are around 95, i have decent ECs, good standardized test scores, but im definitely NOT a pro soccer player or computer genius or something) aside from living internationally as well as a tendency to write good essays. i've always gotten into EPGY, but im just not sure if i could if i applied for assistance even though i'm supposedly "rich" this time
would applying for financial aid ruin my chances of admission entirely? or would it be that I am accepted in the PROGRAM but rejected for financial aid? this is my first time at fa, so im not sure how the process works.</p>

<p>thanks again</p>

<p>No, it does not.</p>

<p>are you talking about the Summer program or the online high school? Either way, Token is correct -- applying for FA will have no effect on admission. If they don't think you qualify for FA, they will admit you and not award you any FA -- so it is worth it to apply if a little bit might help you.</p>