Does attending a small high school hurt college chances?

<p>I'm a high school junior right now at a pretty small 6-12 school on an overseas US Navy base. In grades 9-12 we have at the most 55 students, and for senior year it is looking like we will have 12 or maybe less depending on who transfers in or out. I was lucky enough to get to take AP English Language and APUSH this year but due to scheduling conflicts I can't take the two classes offered next year, AP English Lit, and AP Stats. Because of that I know my class rank will look bad and I feel like colleges will think that I was just too lazy to sign up for the courses. We also do not have any honors classes for 11 and 12th grade. There are online classes but I already have to finish my French 2 class and biology this summer to meet graduation requirements. </p>

<p>Also there are very few sports or other activities to get involved with down here so I feel like I can't compete with the average American student when it comes time to apply to schools.</p>

<p>You are evaluated within the context of your HS. One thing that your GC does is submit a school profile which outlines what courses are available and when you can take them, grading system, etc. You can have your GC explain in their evaluation that due to scheduling conflicts, you could only take certain courses.</p>

<p>That said, try to find outside academic activities and ECs (summer programs, college courses, etc.) to show that you are taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible. While living overseas does limit some of your activities, try to think of others that are possible there but wouldn't be in the states.</p>