Does Barnard give financial aid to international students?

Hi! I’m a rising senior and I am considering applying ED to Barnard this fall. I am an international student and I need full financial aid. When the admissions officers see that I need a huge amount of aid, will they immediately reject me or do you think they will give me a chance?

Barnard gives need-based aid only to domestic students. Because of this, I would guess that Barnard doesn’t give international students need-based aid. I could be wrong. I checked the website COLLEGE DATA to see what Barnard offered but could find no info.

Barnard also does not guarantee funding for transfer students. Do they provide FA for transfer students? Possibly but if you read their admissions FAQs carefully you will see that they retain the option to offer no aid.

If you want a top women’s college that DOES provide funding to some international students, look at Bryn Mawr and Mt. Holyoke. Both are parts of consortia allowing you to take classes at other top schools. MtH incudes Amherst, Smith, UMass Amherst and Hampshire. Bryn Mawr includes Haverford, Swarthmore, UPenn. Transportation among the campuses is free.

Thank you for your response but I know Barnard does give financial aid to internationals, but they are need-aware and they say that they only funds the ones that are a good fit to Barnard. Also, I think you assumed that I’m a transfer student. I am a high school senior so I don’t know about transfer aids and it doesn’t concern me.

Any college that’s need-aware may reject a student who needs a full ride. That’s the unfortunate situation for all low income students, domestic as well as international. Are you applying to colleges closer to home?

In my country we don’t apply to colleges. We take a 6 hour exam at the end of our senior year and we get a grade out of 500. Then we have to go to a school that accepts our grade. You get in a college with just that grade, nothing else; no ecs, essays or etc. I will take that exam yes, so I technically I will apply for colleges in my country. But I want to study in the US so that’s why I’m asking.