Does Barnard keep track of who visited for a tour?

<p>^ just curious…! :).</p>

<p>My guess -- and this is a guess only -- is that Barnard admissions probably wouldn't care much one way or another. They may keep a record of who visited, but it wouldn't be too helpful for admissions -- so I doubt they place too much weight on it. So yes they probably keep track, but no it probably doesn't help all that much if you have been on a tour, and it probably doesn't hurt at all if you haven't.</p>

<p>I do believe that you sign in every time you take the tour, and I rather think that actually showing up to visit campus is seen as a positive in that it shows real interest in the school. When my D was applying (lo, these many years ago!!!) she visited several times: once during the summer before her Senior year while attending a dance intensive at NYU; in the Fall of her Senior year with us for her interview; and again in February of that year to take a dance class (she was in NYC for an audition). </p>

<p>So my guess (same caveat as Calmom!) is that admissions would only consider this as a slight indicator of definite interest in the school which might tip a decision in your favor.... but not visiting (if you live far away) certainly won't hurt.</p>

<p>One reason I think it unlikely that they would view things negatively if students don't tour is Barnard's urban location, proximity to Columbia, and very small physical campus size. There must be hundreds of visitors who simply stop by to look around, or take a Columbia tour and then cross the street to look at Barnard, etc. Barnard doesn't arrange overnight visits for prospective students, and given the very high costs of NYC accommodations, that can make it very difficult for individuals who live at a distance to visit (where would they stay?)</p>

<p>My d. did visit once before applying for an interview -- and I think the interview did help -- but I don't think she took Barnard's campus tour at the time. She had an acquaintance about 2 years older who attended Barnard, and I think that's the person who showed her around -- in any case, she came back raving about the Columbia campus, not Barnard's. (She didn't want to attend Columbia, but she knew all along she would have classes there, due to her prospective course of study)</p>

<p>Yeah, I don't think that NOT visiting is viewed negatively (how is that for multiple negatives in a sentence...). I just think it's a potential plus if you HAVE. Perhaps. But who knows???</p>

<p>i hope it really is a small plus... i need all the help i can get >:]!</p>

<p>thanks for your replies! :D</p>