Does BC accept November SAT scores from Early Action applicants?

<p>I was wondering if anyone knows if BC will wait for your scores if you apply early (early application deadline is Nov 1, SATs are the 6th)?

<p>NO, as clearly stated on BC's website:</p>

<p>"ACT and/or SAT results through the October administration will be considered for the Early Action program. Restrictive Early Action and Regular Decision applicants must submit all standardized testing requirements (SAT I and 2 SAT Subject Tests or ACT with optional writing section) by the application deadlines. It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that the Office of Undergraduate Admission receives all standardized test scores."</p>

<p>The Nov. scores are not available until late Nov./early Dec. -- too late to be considered in the EA round.</p>

<p>Dear robtorlone : This question does come up each year at this time and worried_mom has given you the right answer. The idea of Early Action is that your profile is effectively completed by October - hence, November exam scores will only apply for regular decision options.</p>