Does becoming a Putnam Fellow guarantee a transfer to Caltech from a community college?


I’m currently a community college student studying in astrophysics and math, and I don’t think that I am challenged at the maximum level. I plan to take the 2020 Putnam exam, and aim to become a Putnam fellow. I do not care about the unlikely odds in becoming a Putnam fellow even though I was never an IMO participant since anything is possible. When I become a Putnam Fellow and apply as a transfer student to Caltech, how likely is it that I will be accepted? By my logic, they would not dare reject a Putnam Fellow.

I’m also applying to Harvard, MIT, and Princeton, the usual top colleges.

By your logic, anything is possible, including Caltech rejecting a Putnam fellow.

Very smart of you, yucca, but I highly doubt that they would reject a Putnam Fellow. There hasn’t been a Putnam Fellow at Caltech for around 8 years.

You’re not a Putnam fellow yet, so I don’t see any point in discussing what-ifs.

I just want to see if anyone else agrees with my sentiment.


No, you’re not. Closing thread for ToS violation.