does being catholic help?

<p>I am confirmed catholic from Peru
does that help?</p>


<p>On their website, they say they don't consider religious preference.</p>

<p>It doesn't help in the slightest, according to the admissions couselor I talked to, because many applicants just write Catholic down on the application, regardless of their actual religion. The only thing that might help you is having service projects through a Catholic church or the like.</p>

<p>Oh, but it should be noted that going to a Catholic, and particulary Jesuit, highschool does help.</p>

<p>Most definitely. I go to a catholic, jesuit high school, and our school subscribes to a database called naviance that tracks our acceptance history...our acceptance rate to georgetown is around 40%</p>

<p>I think that it is helpful in gaining eternal life in heaven but is only marginally helpful in getting into Georgetown and only if one goes to a Jesuit or major Diocesan HIgh School.</p>

<p>40% is double the regular admissions rate of 20%. I bet non-Jesuit Catholic high schools admissions rate are around 25%-30%.</p>