Does being hispanic help in admissions?

<p>I am hispanic and i heard once that being hispanic will help your chances when applying to colleges because colleges want a wide array of nationalities/races. Is this true? Does being hispanic help at all and if so, how much?</p>

<p>Please read the two threads linked to in post #2 here for some discussion of how admissions works within the Hispanic cohort:</p>

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<p>I see from your other thread that you already have 3 siblings who were admitted to highly selective colleges, it seems like your family would have a pretty good understanding of the part Hispanic ethnicity plays in college admissions??</p>

<p>Well i have a completely different application than my siblings and i am a different person all together, my question is that exactly, how much does being hispanic help, i dont know how much it helped my siblings but thats what im trying to figure out myself.</p>

<p>As I stated in the second of the two threads linked to above, the amount of impact realized in being Hispanic will depend on three main factors. The second and third will necessarily vary with any applicant, but the first concerns the context of the applicant’s Hispanic background and will be essentially the same for you and your siblings, which is what I was referring to in the previous post.</p>