Does being in the sun give you a headache?

<p>I have been noticing for the past two summers that being in the direct sunlight is causing me to have terrible headaches. It is actually a combination of the heat and the sun. Have any of you noticed that you might have less tolerance to sun and heat after a certain age.</p>

<p>I wear good sunglasses and will sit under an umbrella but I will still get nasty headaches that could linger for hours.</p>

<p>Yes!!!! This started a few years ago for me (I'm 48). I do not know what causes it but my blood pressure has also been creeping up the last few years.</p>

<p>Sounds like dehydration. On a normal day you need 1/2 gallon of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages, more if you are in the heat and sun.</p>

<p>^^^^ I thought so too but I drink water like crazy...several bottles within a few hours in the heat and sun. I was never like this until age 50. I also sweat to a point where my hair looks like I just got out of the water. (menapause was many years ago)</p>

<p>Try wearing a hat every single time you step out of doors. Happydad has to do this or he gets a headache from the sun on his head. That umbrella may not be giving you the shade you need.</p>

<p>^ ... yes and it started when I was about 45 ... which is just about the same time I started devoloping alergies to pollen and dust ... no idea if they are related to each other or just a coincidence</p>

<p>Sunlight can be a trigger for migraines and headaches. I started noticing some years ago that a day in the sun would give me a terrible migraine, sometimes with vomiting. I remember going to Hawaii and after the first day out in the sun, I was so ill from the headache I could hardly walk. I realized that every year, my first big day in the sun would make me really ill with a headache. So I'm very careful now. I wear a hat, I drink a lot, I try to interrupt the sun with some shade, etc. I don't think it's heat, I once got a terrible headache on a day that wasn't so hot but the son was shining down on my head, but I'm not sure. It may be a combination of the brightness and the beating down on the head. recommends sunglasses for those who are triggered by sunlight.</p>

<p>Your headaches could be due to dehydration.</p>

<p>I am actually allergic to sunlight and get hives that get worse and worse the more time I spend outside. Headaches generally accompany too, but I don't know if it's related to the allergy-- my other allergies present with migraines so it's possible. I am a young person so I don't know about age related issues, but as an adult I have developed a very low tolerance for sun and heat.</p>

<p>I am more inclined to think the brightness of the sun/dehydration, but since those bases were covered I figured I'd throw in another theory.</p>

<p>No - but I never get headaches at all.</p>

<p>Getting headaches in the sun and heat is why I knew I couldn't live in Texas as an adult. I moved to Maine. I still get headaches, but less frequently and not as severe.</p>

<p>I definitely have the sunshine headache thing and it is definitely related to hydration, but water alone doesn't do the trick. It seems clear to me that there is also some electrolyte thing going on but I hate the gatorade calories. I worked as a camp counselor in college when salt tabs were still used and I thought they helped alot. Why don't we use those now? (I figure there some danger but don't know what it is.)</p>

<p>Great subject--also let me suggest to exam your levels of Vitamin "D".
My answer is yes same as your experience--and it was a horrible experience.
I thought I was departing from this "Earth". Not sure what they injected me to revive me.
The doctor assumed was the time exposed to the sun!</p>

<p>I am photosensitive, and always were polarized sunglasses, so I understand how a sunglare can cause migraine headaches, something I used to get. </p>

<p>Are you taking any medications which may be causing this ?</p>

<p>Regarding medication ^^^ No, I am not taking any medications but the doctor did prescribe something...fiorinal. It works like a charm but I am concerned about rebound headaches so I only take it when the sun headaches hit.</p>

<p>What kind of medications that you are familiar with may cause sensitivity to sun exposure? Any cholesterol medication?</p>

<p>20 years ago I had a type of migraine headache and became photosensitive; we found and eliminated the cause of the headaches, but I have remained very bothered by the sunlight, even on cloudy days the glare gets me. Since the early 90s, I have worn sunglasses as almost a permanent fixture, with that lovely skier raccoon eyes tan line.</p>

<p>If I don't rather than a painful headache, I get a nauseating headache, I feel like Darin's mum from Bewitched..............."Frank, I have a sick headache"</p>

<p>From approximately the age of 12 to my mid-20s, I got a headache nearly every time it was sunny and very warm. And this was while growing up in the Pacific Northwest. In my 20s I realized I needed to wear a hat when it was hot out. Hasn't bothered me for years now. I guess I got acclimated, but I'm still not a happy camper in direct sunlight when it's above 75 degrees out.</p>